The Top 3 Alt-Coins That Are Taking Off in 2019


The year of 2019 is the year of crypto currency, the world is recognizing the value and impact that it’s making on this world. Bitcoin may be the leading and popular currency that started the crypto currency trend, but that isn’t the only leading coin in the world. Alternative coins are quickly making their presence known and creating their own place in the crypto world.

  1. TRON 

TRON is the decentralized global internet free entertainment system that integrates block-chain technology. During 2019, TRON has been escalating at a surprising rate and still rising. By June it rose more than 60 percent this year and it’s strongly still holding its place within the crypto coin market.  

2. Ethereum

First and foremost, Ethereum is the platform that developers use to build the blockchain based Smart Contract with decentralized apps.

After Bitcoin, this Alt coin takes its rightful place as a top contender in the crypto coin universe. Ethereum is responsible for being the first platform to introduce and use Smart Contracts. Ethereum can be identified as a double powerhouse with their platform and their crypto coin. 

3. Litecoin

Litecoin is recognized as a veteran of the altcoins. It made its first appearance in 2011 after being created by former Google employee, Charlie Lee. Being an old timer in the crypto world has definitely enabled Litecoin to make its mark. The growth of this coin has been gradual and impactful in the crypto world.

The cryptocurrency is based on peer to peer internet based currency that enables it users to access a global payment network that is completely decentralized without any central authorities. 

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