By Announces UK and Singapore Expansion London will be the First City to use Cryptocurrency for Online Food Ordering & Delivery

London, UK July 22, 2019., an online food technology ordering and delivery company, today announced that it will be expanding its state-of -the art technology platform and online food ordering and delivery services globally. Under the name, the expansion supports the company’s mission to provide affordable online food ordering and delivery services in a platform that is powered by blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

The platform will significantly reduce costs for all users of online food ordering and delivery and allow for fair wealth distribution for restaurants and drivers. In addition to blockchain technology, the platform leverages artificial intelligence to create a fair and equitable order dispute resolution system and validated accurate performance reviews.

“The core of our platform will be powered by blockchain technology. This allows us to significantly reduce the costs of online food ordering a delivery for users and deliver fair wealth distribution to restaurants and drivers” said Grigori Mikayelyan, CEO of “We will be introducing the first of its kind food ordering and delivery platform where all users on the platform use cryptocurrency as payment.”

Today’s announcement of the global expansion, begins the transformation of the online food ordering and delivery industry and the use of cryptocurrency for everyday needs.

About At we love food and the convenience of having food delivered, but not the inflated cost. In 2015 our CEO, Grigori Mikayelyan, went on a mission to design a decentralized technology platform ecosystem between restaurants, vendors, customers and delivery drivers that relies on fair wealth distribution for all parties involved in the online food ordering process. Since our launch in 2015, we have become the fan favorite of food ordering platforms, growing to over 74,000 users and 1,100 restaurants.

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